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At ModMaids, we offer a full, top to bottom clean each time we visit your home. You are busy, and don’t have time to worry about cleaning, let alone deciding which services you do or don’t need. We offer a full clean every time. From Sapulpa to Bixby, Sand Springs to Jenks, ModMaids is your go-to Tulsa house cleaner.


A Deep Clean Every Time

We are a full-service cleaning company. From floorboards to ceiling, your home will be spick and span EVERY time. While other cleaning services charge you extra for a detailed clean, we clean from corner to corner each time.

We do, however, have some limits.

What To Expect:

  • Counters to be cleaned

  • Rugs to be vacuumed

  • Dusted ceilings and blinds

  • An all around clean home

What Not To Expect:

  • Laundry to be done

  • Dishes washed

Our Cleaning Services

One Price Does Not Fit All!

Your Investment

Everyone’s home is different. From size, to cleanliness, your price will be determined during your consultation. It’s worth noting that your first clean will likely cost more than your following cleans. Think of it like setting up the foundation for a beautifully clean space. During the Initial clean, we go the extra mile to thoroughly deep clean every nook and cranny, ensuring that we start with a clean slate. This might involve extra time, effort, and specialized cleaning products to tackle any accumulated grime or neglected areas.

Treat Yourself To A Spiffy Clean

Please see our offerings for Standard Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, and Move-out/Move-in Cleaning services.

House Cleaning

Specialty Cleaning

Move in-out Cleaning

Short Term Rental

Breezy Blue Cleaning

We Give Back

We are invested in creating a better Tulsa community. That being said, we give a portion of every dollar” to Oklahoma Warriors Honor Flight. We love their mission of sending war veterans to the memorials of the wars they fought in.

Check back to see more

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